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  • Black Redhorse Ontogeny
    Adult Black Redhorse (Moxostoma duquesnei), were seined from the Grand River, Ontario and artificially spawned in May 2007...
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  • Lake Mead Razorback Sucker Telemetry
    In December 2004, December 2005, December 2008, February 2010, and January 2011 Biotactic assisted Bio-West (Utah) with...
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  • Mannheim Fishway Passage
    We compared two Denil fishways, located on the west (low velocity - 10 % slope) and east (high...
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  • mobile fish processing
    Brook Trout Population in an Urban Creek
    In response to concerns regarding planned development in the area, Biotactic began monitoring water temperatures and conducted a...
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  • Hydro-Electric Turbine Impact Evaluation
    Smolts require access to the fishway (i.e., the fishway must be open and operational) during their downstream migration....
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  • fish abdominal discolouration
    Exposure to a Common Urban Pollutant
    In this study we exposed creek chub (Semotilus atromaculatus), a widespread tolerant stream minnow, to various realistic concentrations...
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  • Electrofishing Surveys to Determine Fish Community Biomass
    Biotactic established twenty-two long term monitoring sites (66 sampling subsections) across the Saugeen River watershed within which annual...
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  • Integrated Wetland Management- Lake Chubsucker
    Our initial contract with Environment Canada (EC) / Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS) involved relocation of native fish and...
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  • Physiological Telemetry
    Conventional techniques for implanting electrodes into axial swimming musculature of fish are reviewed.
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  • Fisheries Offsets and Compensation- Bruce Power
    Biotactic devised and developed a Before-After-Control-Impact (BACI) study for the Bruce Power Nuclear Generating Station to offset and...
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  • Fish fence and monitoring system install
    Arctic Char in Hope Bay
    In July 2021 and 2022, Biotactic staff travelled to Hope Bay, Nunavut to build fish fences equipped with...
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  • Brown Trout in the Kananaskis River
    We used radio-telemetry to investigate detailed movement and summer habitat of brown trout Salmo trutta (size range 157...
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