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  • Black Redhorse Movement and Use of Groundwater Seepages
    Black redhorse larval and juvenile habitat was characterized in the Grand River, Ontario from June to September...
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  • Welland River Siphon (Aquaduct): Impacts of Flow Reversal
    In February 2001, Biotactic was contracted by the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority to investigate the impact of...
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  • Greater Redhorse Ecology
    In 1997, we began studying greater redhorse (Moxostoma valenciennesi) spawning habitat, spawning behaviour, fecundity, egg and larval...
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  • Dunnville Fishway Walleye Passage
    A Denil fishway in Dunnville, Ontario was built to provide upstream passage for walleye Stizostedion vitreum from...
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  • Physiological Telemetry
    Conventional techniques for implanting electrodes into axial swimming musculature of fish are reviewed.
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  • Sulphur Springs Chemical Barrier
    Several cold water sulphur springs flow into tributaries of the Welland River on the Niagara Peninsula....
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  • Fish Passage in Brazil
    In November 2012 we assisted our very good friends at Simbiota in Southern Brazil with some very...
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  • Effects of Increase Silt Load
    Rock bass (Ambloplites rupestris) are a widespread centrarchid species with both riverine and lacustrine populations. After precipitation...
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  • Canadian Diamond Mine Environmental Study
    In May 2013 we assisted Stantec Ltd. with a walleye, northern pike and white sucker spawning survey...
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  • Fishway Attraction Enhancement
    Two Denil fishways on the Grand River, Ontario, have been monitored for activity by several dozen fish...
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  • Freshwater Mussel Identification
    Images and descriptions of freshwater mussel species in Ontario, Canada
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  • Swimming in Turbulent Flows
    We have installed and operated cameras that stream fish movement inside fishways, onto the internet since 2007....
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