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  • Fish Passage in Brazil
    In November 2012 we assisted our very good friends at Simbiota in Southern Brazil with some very...
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  • Silver Shiner Size-Class Structure, Habitat Utilization, Movement and Persistence in an Urbanized Fragment of a Great Lakes Tributary
    Silver Shiners were captured and habitat was characterized from 38 locations in the Grand River during the...
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  • Fish Movement in the Welland River Watershed
    Starting in 2001 Biotactic, with the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) and Niagara Restoration Council, has monitored...
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  • Coral Trout Telemetry
    Coral Trout were tagged and tracked with ultrasonic transmitters over 81 days at an intra-lagoonal location at...
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  • Greater Redhorse Ontogeny
    Adult greater redhorse Moxostoma valenciennesi, were seined from the Grand River, Ontario, and artificially spawned in May 1997...
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  • Lake Mead Razorback Sucker Telemetry
    In December 2004, December 2005, December 2008, February 2010, and January 2011 Biotactic assisted Bio-West (Utah)...
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  • Black Redhorse Movement and Use of Groundwater Seepages
    Black redhorse larval and juvenile habitat was characterized in the Grand River, Ontario from June to September...
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  • Lake Niapenco Sport Fish Population Estimates
    The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) contracted Biotactic to conduct a fish community and population study at...
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  • Port Hope Area Initiative Fish Rescue
    Prior to in-water remediation, Biotactic Incorporated used boat electrofishing in the inner harbour in Lake Ontario to...
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  • Fish Movement at the Springbank Dam: Before-After Study
    The City of London and the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority contracted Biotactic Incorporated to design and...
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  • Brown Trout in the Kananaskis River
    We used radio-telemetry to investigate detailed movement and summer habitat of brown trout Salmo trutta (size range...
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  • Effects of Increase Silt Load
    Rock bass (Ambloplites rupestris) are a widespread centrarchid species with both riverine and lacustrine populations. After precipitation...
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