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  • Lake Niapenco Sport Fish Population Estimates
    The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) contracted Biotactic to conduct a fish community and population study at...
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  • Fisheries Offsets and Compensation- Bruce Power
    Biotactic devised and developed a Before-After-Control-Impact (BACI) study for the Bruce Power Nuclear Generating Station to offset...
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  • Fishway Performance Meta-Analysis
    Attraction and passage efficiency was reviewed and compared from 19 monitoring studies that produced data for evaluations...
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  • Silver Shiner Size-Class Structure, Habitat Utilization, Movement and Persistence in an Urbanized Fragment of a Great Lakes Tributary
    Silver Shiners were captured and habitat was characterized from 38 locations in the Grand River during the...
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  • fish abdominal discolouration
    Exposure to a common urban pollutant
    In this study we exposed creek chub (Semotilus atromaculatus), a widespread tolerant stream minnow, to various realistic...
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  • Fish Passage in Brazil
    In November 2012 we assisted our very good friends at Simbiota in Southern Brazil with some very...
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  • Rainbow Trout Passage at the Maple Hill Dam
    Passage efficiency of radiotagged rainbow trout at the Maple Hill fishway was 20 %. Based on...
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  • Integrated Wetland Management- Lake Chubsucker
    Our initial contract with Environment Canada (EC) / Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS) involved relocation of native fish...
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  • Dam Effects on Benthic Fishes
    The biology, microhabitat use and migratory behaviour of greenside darters (Etheostoma blennioides) was studied at the Mannheim...
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  • Sulphur Springs: Chemical Barriers to Fish Movement
    Several cold water sulphur springs flow into tributaries of the Welland River on the Niagara Peninsula....
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  • Physiological Telemetry
    Conventional techniques for implanting electrodes into axial swimming musculature of fish are reviewed.
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  • Upstream Transportation of Sea Lampreys
    A video-based fishway monitoring system was used for five years (2011-2015) to count migrating salmonids that inadvertently...
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