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Underwater Monitoring
  • Wavy-Rayed Lampmussel Monitoring
    In a few rivers in Canada including the Grand River, Ontario, this endangered unionid bivalve uses lures to...
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  • Sulphur Springs
    Several cold water sulphur springs flow into tributaries of the Welland River on the Niagara Peninsula. Sulphur...
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  • Fishway Performance Meta-Analysis
    Attraction and passage efficiency was reviewed and compared from 19 monitoring studies that produced data for evaluations of...
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  • Upstream Passage of Walleye
    In September 1999 and April 2002, Biotactic Inc. was contracted by The Dow Chemical Company to examine a...
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  • Greater Redhorse Ontogeny
    Adult greater redhorse Moxostoma valenciennesi, were seined from the Grand River, Ontario, and artificially spawned in May 1997 and...
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  • Videographic Surveys Saugeen River
    Biotactic has been performing videographic surveys of fish passage at the Maple Hill dam fishway as well as...
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  • American Eel Migration
    In 1998 and 1999, we identified the timing of out migration, swimming depth and migratory routes past the...
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  • Greater Redhorse Ecology
    In 1997, we began studying greater redhorse (Moxostoma valenciennesi) spawning habitat, spawning behaviour, fecundity, egg and larval development,...
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  • Silver Shiner Size-Class Structure, Habitat Utilization, Movement and Persistence in an Urbanized Fragment of a Great Lakes Tributary
    Silver Shiners were captured and habitat was characterized from 38 locations in the Grand River during the summer...
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  • Welland River Siphon (Aquaduct): Impacts of Flow Reversal
    In February 2001, Biotactic was contracted by the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority to investigate the impact of the...
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  • Public Participation Opportunities
    The Truax Dam, which was located on the Saugeen River in Walkerton, Ontario, for over a century was...
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  • Northern Pike Telemetry and Passage Monitoring
    Radio transmitters were surgically implanted in the body cavity of ten northern pike between 502 mm TL and...
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