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  • Hydro-Electric Turbine Impact Evaluation
    Smolts require access to the fishway (i.e., the fishway must be open and operational) during their downstream migration....
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  • Brown Trout in the Kananaskis River
    We used radio-telemetry to investigate detailed movement and summer habitat of brown trout Salmo trutta (size range 157...
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  • Physiological Telemetry
    Conventional techniques for implanting electrodes into axial swimming musculature of fish are reviewed.
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  • Wavy-Rayed Lampmussel Monitoring
    In a few rivers in Canada including the Grand River, Ontario, this endangered unionid bivalve uses lures to...
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  • Lake Mead Razorback Sucker Telemetry
    In December 2004, December 2005, December 2008, February 2010, and January 2011 Biotactic assisted Bio-West (Utah) with...
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  • Silver Shiner Size-Class Structure, Habitat Utilization, Movement and Persistence in an Urbanized Fragment of a Great Lakes Tributary
    Silver Shiners were captured and habitat was characterized from 38 locations in the Grand River during the summer...
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  • Fish Movement in the Welland River Watershed
    Starting in 2001 Biotactic, with the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) and Niagara Restoration Council, has monitored the...
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  • Freshwater Mussel Identification
    Images and descriptions of freshwater mussel species in Ontario, Canada
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  • Fishway Performance Meta-Analysis
    Attraction and passage efficiency was reviewed and compared from 19 monitoring studies that produced data for evaluations of...
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  • fish abdominal discolouration
    Exposure to a Common Urban Pollutant
    In this study we exposed creek chub (Semotilus atromaculatus), a widespread tolerant stream minnow, to various realistic concentrations...
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  • Port Hope Area Initiative Fish Rescue
    Prior to in-water remediation, Biotactic Incorporated used boat electrofishing in the inner harbour in Lake Ontario to remove,...
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  • Fish Movement at the Springbank Dam: Before-After Study
    The City of London and the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority contracted Biotactic Incorporated to design and conduct...
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  • Swimming in Turbulent Flows
    We have installed and operated cameras that stream fish movement inside fishways, onto the internet since 2007....
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  • Lake Niapenco Sport Fish Population Estimates
    The Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) contracted Biotactic to conduct a fish community and population study at the...
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  • Sulphur Springs: Chemical Barriers to Fish Movement
    Several cold water sulphur springs flow into tributaries of the Welland River on the Niagara Peninsula. Sulphur...
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  • Black Redhorse Ecology
    In October 2007 a large pool in the Grand River near Kitchener, Ontario was sampled using seine nets...
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  • Rainbow Trout Migration Patterns in the Saugeen River Watershed
    The Truax Dam was removed in August 2019. Future post-removal phases of this study will provide data that...
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  • Teeswater River Mussel Relocation
    From 2015-2017 Biotactic performed a mussel relocation project in the Teeswater River as part of the reconstruction of...
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  • Grand River Smallmouth Bass
    Mobility of tournament-caught and released smallmouth bass Micropterus dolomieu was monitored in the Grand River, Ontario, between 1995...
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  • Sea Lamprey Telemetry Noise and Range Tests
    In Septmeber of 2007, we performed acoustic tests in the St.Mary's and Mississagi Rivers to determine the feasibility...
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  • Fish Rescue and Salvage Operations
    Biotactic regularly performs fish rescue and salvage operations, using boat or backpack electrofishing to capture, remove and relocate...
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  • Fishway Attraction Enhancement
    Two Denil fishways on the Grand River, Ontario, have been monitored for activity by several dozen fish species...
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  • Black Redhorse Ontogeny
    Adult Black Redhorse (Moxostoma duquesnei), were seined from the Grand River, Ontario and artificially spawned in May 2007...
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  • Dam Effects on Benthic Fishes
    The biology, microhabitat use and migratory behaviour of greenside darters (Etheostoma blennioides) was studied at the Mannheim Weir
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  • Videographic Surveys Saugeen River
    Biotactic has been performing videographic surveys of fish passage at the Maple Hill dam fishway as well as...
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  • Northern Pike Telemetry and Passage Monitoring
    Radio transmitters were surgically implanted in the body cavity of ten northern pike between 502 mm TL and...
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  • Fish Passage in Brazil
    In November 2012 we assisted our very good friends at Simbiota in Southern Brazil with some very exciting...
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  • Canadian Diamond Mine Environmental Study
    In May 2013 we assisted Stantec Ltd. with a walleye, northern pike and white sucker spawning survey in...
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  • Mannheim Fishway Passage
    We compared two Denil fishways, located on the west (low velocity - 10 % slope) and east (high...
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  • anglers downstream denny's dam
    Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on a Fishery
    After initial complete lock-downs caused recreational angling restrictions due to COVID-19, angler exploitation rates of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus...
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  • Rainbow Trout Passage at the Maple Hill Dam
    Passage efficiency of radiotagged rainbow trout at the Maple Hill fishway was 20 %. Based on our...
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  • Fish fence and monitoring system install
    Arctic Char in Hope Bay
    In July 2021 Biotactic staff travelled to Hope Bay, Nunavut to build fish fences equipped with 2 BRAVO...
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  • Fisheries Offsets and Compensation- Bruce Power
    Biotactic devised and developed a Before-After-Control-Impact (BACI) study for the Bruce Power Nuclear Generating Station to offset and...
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  • Salmonid Redd Counts in the Saugeen River
    Biotactic has been performing redd counts within the Saugeen River watershed since 2018. Surveys are conducted by trained...
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  • Seasonal Changes in Movement and Habitat of Largemouth Bass
    The main objective of this study is to provide valuable baseline data, which are essential for monitoring and...
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  • Habitat Creation and Monitoring
    In 1999, Biotactic was retained by the City of Kitchener, to help develop spawning and nursery areas for...
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  • Northern Pike Annual Fish Lift
    Movement of northern pike from the Grand River in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada to spawning areas in tributary creeks...
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  • Rainbow Trout Passage at a Nature-Like Fishway, Beaver River, Ontario
    Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) were monitored over two consecutive vernal migration periods at a nature-like fishway on the...
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  • Electrofishing Surveys to Determine Fish Community Biomass
    Biotactic established twenty-two long term monitoring sites (66 sampling subsections) across the Saugeen River watershed within which annual...
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  • Upstream Transportation of Sea Lampreys
    A video-based fishway monitoring system was used for five years (2011-2015) to count migrating salmonids that inadvertently transported...
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  • Effects of Increased Silt Load
    Rock bass (Ambloplites rupestris) are a widespread centrarchid species with both riverine and lacustrine populations. After precipitation evens,...
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  • Northern Pikeminnow Telemetry
    In early June 2021 CART tags were surgically implanted into 58 Northern Pikeminnow to help identify locations for...
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  • AI Development and Implementation
    Artificial Intelligence Development and ImplementationBiotactic began developing an AI-based program to count fish passage at dams in 2013....
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  • American Eel Migration
    In 1998 and 1999, we identified the timing of out migration, swimming depth and migratory routes past the...
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  • Restoring Walleye Migration in the Shebeshekong River
    In 2017 we restored migration routes for Walleye at a set of rapids and a waterfall that had...
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  • Blue Sucker Tracking
    In October 2004 we implanted thirty Texas state endangered blue suckers (Cycleptus elongatus) with radio transmitters that we...
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  • Greater Redhorse Ecology
    In 1997, we began studying greater redhorse (Moxostoma valenciennesi) spawning habitat, spawning behaviour, fecundity, egg and larval development,...
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  • Black Redhorse Habitat Preferences
    We have been working in conjunction with Fisheries and Oceans Canada to study egg development, early life history
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  • Upstream Passage of Walleye
    In September 1999 and April 2002, Biotactic Inc. was contracted by The Dow Chemical Company to examine a...
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  • Integrated Wetland Management- Lake Chubsucker
    Our initial contract with Environment Canada (EC) / Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS) involved relocation of native fish and...
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  • Greater Redhorse Ontogeny
    Adult greater redhorse Moxostoma valenciennesi, were seined from the Grand River, Ontario, and artificially spawned in May 1997 and...
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  • Coral Trout Telemetry
    Coral Trout were tagged and tracked with ultrasonic transmitters over 81 days at an intra-lagoonal location at One...
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  • Welland River Siphon (Aquaduct): Impacts of Flow Reversal
    In February 2001, Biotactic was contracted by the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority to investigate the impact of the...
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  • Black Redhorse Movement and Use of Groundwater Seepages
    Black redhorse larval and juvenile habitat was characterized in the Grand River, Ontario from June to September 2007-2012.
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  • Spotted Gar Habitat Utilization
    In May of 2007 we initiated a radio telemetry project for spotted gar in Rondeau Bay on Lake...
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  • Dunnville Fishway Walleye Passage
    A Denil fishway in Dunnville, Ontario was built to provide upstream passage for walleye Stizostedion vitreum from Lake...
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