Fish Salvage and Mussel Relocation

Biotactic regularly conducts fish rescue and relocation operations (salvage) using boat and backpack electrofishing. Rescues are performed quickly and efficiently so that client projects can continue with minimal disruption or delay.

Staff at Biotactic have several years of experience relocating freshwater mussels in accordance with the Species at Risk Act, following Department of Fisheries and Oceans standard protocols and methodology.

boat electrofishing fish salvage

Rescue of fish within the inner harbour of Lake Ontario in Port Hope prior to dredging

backpack electrofishing fish salvage
Rescue of fish trapped in small pool downstream of a newly unconnected fishway
mussel relocation

1m transects established to search for SAR Rainbow Mussels relocated due to bridge construction

tagged mussel
Tagged mussel relocated during 1-year post-relocation sampling required as per DFO protocols