Spring 2024 Radiotelemetry Study

* Study will begin mid-April. Please follow the Biotactic facebook page for notifications*


Sponsor Fish Name
Kollen Family Larb
Angler Return Returned
Lake Huron Fishing Club (LH) LH Fish 1 - 10
Steeldreams (SD) Vanderchad, Ronrob, Brisket, Konald, Kingtyre, Centermach, Steveeeee, Swimathon
Bruce Power (BP) Bruce A, Bruce B, Bubbles, Alphie, Becca, Curie, Lucky, Goldie, Fin, Rainbow

Current Fish Location Map

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Fish ordered by river km

Updated fish marked with an *. Click on a fish for more details!
Fish Name Current Location
LH Fish 1
LH Fish 2
LH Fish 3
LH Fish 4
LH Fish 5
LH Fish 6
LH Fish 7
LH Fish 8
LH Fish 9
LH Fish 10
SD Vanderchad
SD Ronrob
SD Brisket
SD Konald
SD Kingtyre
SD Centermach
SD Steveeeee
SD Swimathon
BP Bruce A
BP Bruce B
BP Bubbles
BP Alphie
BP Becca
BP Curie
BP Lucky
BP Goldie
BP Fin
BP Rainbow