BRAVO Node 10

Deployment Location:
Thornbury Fishway exit, Beaver River, Ontario

Water Temperature at Node (C): 20.68  

Current Conditions:  ONLINE

System Type: BRAVO G1b self-cleaning daytime colour / night IR fishway monitoring and fish counting system - New location upstream from fishway exit

Significant Observations: Camera online March 31 2022. Chinook Salmon observed in fishway June 13

Node 10 LIVE Video

Current Monthly Fish Passage Count

Peak TimePeak Pass
Rate (fish/hr)
Water Temp

Total Observations: total number of fish observed
Net Rainbow Trout Passed: upstream passage - downstream passage. Positive indicates net upstream movement, negative indicates net downstream movement.
Peak Time: hour of greatest net movement
Peak Pass Rate: the net number of fish passed during the hour
Water Temperature: taken at 9am

Previous Fish Passage Data & Counts

Temperature History

monthly water temperature data

Fish Passage Examples

Fishway Installation Location

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