Support the Re-installation of the Denny's Dam Camera

Last operated from 2012 - 2014 with funding or in-kind assistance from on site volunteers, OMNRF, Tri-Mach Inc. and Biotactic Inc., the fishway at Denny's Dam was monitored with the use of a BRAVO G1 (first generation) analog self-cleaning colour daytime/IR night time camera. Node 11 on the BRAVO network provided data regarding the timing and number of migrating adult Rainbow Trout and Chinook Salmon successfully passing from Lake Huron into the Saugeen River system, and back. Cameras allow this information to be collected 24/7 passively, hands-free without disrupting the natural migration process.

Fast forward 10 years and Biotactic now uses BRAVO G3 IP cameras to collect data at fishways and in open water environments around the world (e.g., Canada, US, Brazil, South Africa, Europe). These fully digital wide-angle self-cleaning cameras can be combined with Biotactic's artificial intelligence fish counting system to truly provide near-real time fish counting and monitoring that can be streamed live along with underwater live feeds to the public. Node 10, the camera installed in the Thornbury Fishway in the Beaver River was viewed by 44946 people in 2022!

Due to the traffic generated and interest to anglers this presents a prime advertising opportunity for local businesses such as fishing tackle and bait shops, fishing guides and charter operators and tour companies with potential options as a membership perk for local fishing clubs. To find out how you can help  support and generate funding to re-install this camera and be able to provide free public access to the live underwater camera feed and passage counts please contact us at or donate today.

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