BRAVO Network
Biotactic Research And Videography Observatories

We began using underwater videography to monitor fish back in 1989 and things have changed a lot since then. Using our invaluable experience, we now design, build and supply cabled underwater fish and wildlife monitoring and counting systems that are ideal for monitoring fishways (for example see Node 10) and any other artificial or natural underwater habitat. These units are self-cleaning and designed for long-term, semi-permanent or permanent installation in freshwater and marine environments. Our systems can stream live underwater and automatically filter, collect and transfer novel and interesting fish activity for outreach, education and research.

Our network and monitoring equipment are being continuously refined and improved and have the following general features:

  • Self-cleaning underwater camera systems with variable duty-cycles depending on water conditions and nutrient levels (Patent Pending)
  • 15+ metre (>50 feet) waterproof conduit and connectors for shallow or deep installation in fresh or saltwater
  • 1000 line color high-resolution video (1/3 SONY Super HAD CCD sensor) with infrared illumination at night (infrared LEDs)
  • Water and air temperature stored every 30 seconds and continuously uploaded to dedicated websites
  • Biological data are algorithmically filtered and analyzed and streamed live
  • If requested by our clients, all video and all sensor data will be continuously uploaded live to the internet and to our central BRAVO computers for secondary biological analysis using our AI software the BRAIN to determine species identification, abundance, direction of passage, net daily passage, peak passage rates as well as fish length and condition

  • underwater camera
    Installation of the BRAVO node 10 camera at Thornbury, Ontario.
    bravo fish monitoring system

    These fish monitoring systems collect data using motion detection to allow identification of fish species, counts and measurements of fish abundance. Archive video can be automatically posted and the live stream is hosted by

    Fish monitoring systems operate automatically using a DSL internet connection, AC/DC power and secure ventilated compartments. Applications include scientific research, agency-based fish and wildlife monitoring, marine biological applications, aquaculture, underwater surveillance, education and basic fun. Since 2005 our underwater fish monitoring network has been used to achieve long-term research objectives related to inter-annual variation in fish migration patterns, migration timing and habitat utilization on a global scale.

    The video collected automatically by the BRAVO system is particularly useful for long-term research objectives related to inter-annual variation in fishway counts, fish migration patterns, migration timing, habitat utilization and reproductive behavior. The system has also been proven to be useful for monitoring species at risk, invasive species and observing behavior of benthic organisms such as mussels, crayfish, diving ducks, turtles, various spawning behaviour and wide range of fish and aquatic mammals like otters.

    Installation Options
    bravo systems
    BRAVO G3 system

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    Example underwater samples and video from the BRAVO network

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