Fish Rescue and Salvage Operations

Biotactic regularly performs fish salvage operations, using boat or backpack electrofishing to capture, remove and relocate fish from areas prior to in-water construction activities. In 2019, staff rescued fish isolated from the Saugeen River within a disconnected fishway. This fishway was overprinted during the removal of the Truax Dam in Walkerton, Ontario with this area now made into a community park. In 2020, staff captured and relocated fish from the forebay of the historic Canadian Niagara Power Station in Niagara Falls, Ontario, prior to the area being dewatered for building refurbishment.

Biotactic has also conducted multiple fish rescues for the Port Hope Area Initiative. Find details about this work here.

truax dam deconstruction
fish in a culvert
electrofishing standing water
Fish rescue operations, Truax Dam fishway, Saugeen River, Walkerton, Ontario
Fish rescue operations, Canadian Niagara Power Station, Niagara Falls, Ontario