BRAVO Node20 - underwater fish monitoring systems, Sarasota1 Fish measurement and anesthetizing station2 Fish Surgery on Walleye3 Walleye captured with jaw tag4 Release of radio-tagged Walleye, Welland River5 Baseline fish community study in the Lake St. Clair National Wildlife Area6 Sampling with fyke nets in the St. Clair NWA7 Nightly net checks, St. Clair NWA8 University of Guelph Master's student performing study of fish passage in denil fishway, Grand River, Ontario9 PIT tagging fish at the Mannheim Weir Fishway, Grand River10 Denil fishway trap sampling11 Smallmouth Bass capture in denil fishway trap during monitoring12 Beautiful day collecting baseline data in the East Cell, Lake St. Clair National Wildlife Area13 White Crappie, Pomoxis annularis14 Blanding Turtle Monitoing at the St. Clair NWA15 Northern Pike, St. Clair NWA16 Goldfish, Carassius auratus17 Juvenile Lake Chubsuckers - Species at Risk - St. Clair NWA18 YOY Lake Chubsucker19 Lake Chubsucker St Clair NWA20 Healthy Juvenile Lake Chubsucker21 Measuring Northern Pike22 White Water Lily, Nymphaea odorata23 Water quality testing at sampling station24 Bowfin, Amia calva25 Tadpole Madtom, Noturis gyrinus - Be carful when handling, pectoral spines contain venom similar to a bee26 Pumpkinseed, Lepomis gibbosus27 Central Mudminnow, Umbra limi28 YOY Green Sunfish and Pumpkinseed29 Young-of-the-year Bowfin30 Sampling location in the St. Clair National Wildlife Area31 NWA fyke net bowfin set32 NWA after sampling33 St. Clair NWA at night34 Radio tracking bass in the Lake Eugenia35 One-year post relocation mussel monitoring36 Water quality at mussel relocation transects37 Rainbow mussel relocation project38 Rainbow Mussel tagged with RFID39 Measuring mussels during the one-year post reloaction monitoring in the Teeswater River40 One year post mussel relocation documentation Teeswater River41 Recapture of radio tagged Largemouth Bass42 Walleye angled from the Grand River near Doon43 Salmon and Halibut, British Columbia44 Installation of underwater fish monitoring system45 Field work in November, Lake Eugenia, Water temp 7 degrees46 Fishing Kirkland Lake47 Kirkland Lake48 Enviromental Effect Monitoring, Primero Mining Corp, Mattheson49 Late night lab work, Matheson, Ontario50 Otolith extracted for Environmental Effects Monitoring51 Sorting target species captured via boat electrofishing52 Walleye captured with boat electrofishing for EEM, Matheson53 Largemouth Bass Radio-Telemetry Study Lake Eugenia54 Surgical implantation of radio trasmitter55 Radio tracking Lagemouth Bass in November56 Grand River underwater fish monitoring location57 BRAVO Generation 2.0 testing in marine enviornments58
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