Shawano Dam, Wolf River, Wisconsin1 Fixed underwater self-cleaning monitoring camera system for Lake Sturgeon in the Menominee Dam Forebay2 Downstream bypass from Sturgeon lift, Menominee River3 Self-cleaning underwater fish monitoring system for Lake Sturgeon in the Menominee River4 PIT tracking antenna in a Denil Fishway, Grand River, Kitchener, Ontario5 Measuring water velocity in a fishway6 Rainbow Dart, Etheostoma caeruleum7 Smallmouth Bass and Brown Bullhead caught in fishway trap8 Fish passage efficiency study9 Tagging Brown Bullhead to assess passage time through fishway10 Brown Bullhead PIT tagging11 Goldener Redhorse captured in fishway trap, Grand River12 Release of PIT tagged fish13 Dip netting for minnows at the fishway entrance14 Drinking water reservoir maintenance15 Potential Silver Shiner spawning habitat16 Underwater mobile monitoring camera system17 Hidden underwater monitoring unit for monitoring and recording fish habitat18 Rocky outcropping along the Grand River19 Grand River, Kitchener, Ontario20 Spawning Rosyface Shiner21 Biotactic campsite22 Sieving for juvenile mussels in the Teeswater River23 Detecting and relocating freshwater mussels in the Teeswater River24 Prescribed Search Area mussel work25 Big Irwin Bridge Mussel Relocation 201526 Mussel relocation in the west PSA at the Big Irwin Bridge27 Snorkeling for mussels28 Endangered Rainbow Mussel coded with RFID tag29 Measuring and tagging mussels following the DFO protocol30 Debris removal at the Mannheim Weir, Grand River, Kitchener, Ontario31 1200 lb tree removal with a crane from the Mannheim Weir32 Small Bass captured in the drinking water reservoir and released back into the river where it came from33 Lake Eugenia self-cleaning underwater camera system34 Beautiful sunset at Lake Eugenia near Node 1335 Mussel Relocation - One month post-relocation monitoring 36 Using a viewfinder to search for relocated mussels37 Replacing measured mussels in the relocation area38 Visible search transects for the recovery of relocated mussels39 One month survival monitoring of relocated mussels in the Teeswater River40 Detection of RFID (PIT) tagged mussels41 Teaching fisheries sampling techniques to summer students42 Silver Shiner (Species at Risk) from the Grand River, Kitchener, Ontario43 Measuring and weighing Silver Shiners44 Lake Eugenia Largemouth Bass captured for the monitoring and tracking study45 Transmitters to be implanted in Largemouth Bass for a mult-year tracking study in Lake Eugenia46 Surgical implantation of a radio transmitter into a Largemouth Bass, Lake Eugenia47 5 lb, 20 inch Largemouth Bass captured with boat electrofishing for the Lake Eugenia Study48 Boat electrofishing in Lake Eugenia49 Floy-tagged and radio-tagged Largemouth Bass prior to release50 Release of implanted Largemouth Bass, Lake Eugenia51 Proposed culvert at Laurel Creek52 Beautiful view of Northern Manitoba53 Environmental Effects Monitoring Bucko Lake Mine, Wabowden, Manitoba54 Brook Stickleback captured for EEM, Bucko Lake, Manitoba55 Otolith extraction from Brook Stickleback56 Biotactic electrofishing in Wabowden Manitoba57 Brook Stickleback and Fathead Minnows caught in a minnow trap in Manitoba58 Partners for EEM in Bucko Lake Manitoba59 Trekking through marsh habitat into the farfield expourse site60 Setting minnow traps  in the reference site for Bucko Lake EEM61 Measuring conductivity of tailings outflow, Bucko Lake, Wabowden62 Bucko Lake Mine, Wabowden, Manitoba63 Bahama Stingrays64 Bowmanville Chinook65 Bowmanville Fishway66 Preparation for boat elctrofishing in Lake Eugenia67 Big Silver Shiner68 Record length Silver Shiner captured in the Grand River69 Record Silver70 Silver Shiner71 Silver Shiner Seining72