Fish Measurement and Anesthetizing Station1 Fish Surgery on a Walleye2 Radio Tagging a Walleye3 Walleye with an Implanted Radio Tag4 Radio Tagged Walleye in the Welland River5 Performing Fish Surgery on a White Sucker6 Radio Tagging White Suckers from the Welland River7 Implanting a Radio Tag into a White Sucker8 Station for Performing Fish Surgery9 Manatees and Blacktip Reef Sharks in power canal, Florida10 Hoggs Falls, Boyne River, Eugenia11 Brook Trout fry in Kolapore Springs Hatchery12 Rainbow Trout in Kolapore Springs Hatchery13 Brook Trout in Kolapore Springs Hatchery14 Kolapore Springs15 Upper Beaver River16 Ganaraska River, Port Hope 17 Port Hope Fishway, Resistivity Counter18 Fish Lift, Port Hope, Ontario19 Mointoring a fish counter, Ganaraska River, Port Hope20 Port Hope Dam, Ganaraska River21 Atlantic Salmon monitoring in Duffins Creek, Pickering 22 Plymouth Sound, England23 Pollock24 Pouting25 Coral Reef Aquarium26 Seining for Silver Shiner in the Grand River27 Rosyface Shiner28 Mussel Expert!29 Pimpleback (Quadrula pustulosa)30 Buttons made from Mucket Shells, Grand River31 Grouper from Boca Grande, Florida32 Tarpon Research Angling, Boca Grande33 Biotactic office work - Data analysis34 Underwater Fish Monitoring and Counting Systems - Computer Set-up35 Installation of PIT tracking system, Mannheim Weir Fishway, Grand River36 PIT tracking system, Mannheim Weir, Grand River37 Rosyface Shiner Spawning Mounds, Grand River38 Common Shiner found using same spawning mounds as the Rosyface Shiner39 Silver Shiner Stomach Analysis40 BRAVO Mobile Camera System Installation for monitoring Atlantic Salmon, Duffins Creek 41 Positioning the camera42 Camera43 Solar power installation for BRAVO Mobile Camera System, Duffins Creek44 Demonstration for programming BRAVO Mobile Camera System45 PIT Tracking System 4' x 10' for monitoring Sturgeon in Wisconsin46 Preliminary measurements for installation of PIT tracking system, Parkmill Dam Fishway, Wisconsin47 Parkmill Dam, Menonminee River, Wisconsin48 Parkmill Dam Forebay, Menominee River, Wisconsin49 Blue Shark Research, Nova Scotia50 Shark Fishing, Nova Scotia51 Four foot Blue Shark caught for research purposes, Nova Scotia52 Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia53 Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia54 Cape Breton55 Carnivorous Pitcher Plant- Species Identification56 Wetland Evaluation57 Plant Identification - Sundew (Drosera sp.)58 Fyke netting for Common Shiners, Amikougami Creek, Kirkland Lake59 Juvenille Northern Pike caught Boat Electrofishing, Blanche River, Kirkland Lake60 Environmental Effects Monitoring in Kirkland Lake61 Boat Electrofishing in downstream end of Amikougami Creek62 Spottail Shiner63 Target species in Environmental Effects Monitoring, Common Shiner64 Working in the arctic watershed65 Creek Chub, Environmental Effect Monitoring, Kirkland Lake66 Pumpkinseed67 Walleye68 Creek Chub and Common Shiners69