Anacoco Dam Tracking Blue Suckers1 Bunt Tracking2 International Paper Mill Texas3 RM 136 Riffle4 Sabine River Erosion5 Site of the Incident Under High Flow6 Texas Sabine Airplane Tracking7 Texas Sabine Aerial Tracking Antenna8 Tracking Fish Anacoco Bayou9 Texas Sabine River Bayou10 Texas Sabine Tracking Blue Suckers11 Texas Sabine Tracking12 Tracking Blue Suckers in Louisiana13 Tracking Orange Texas14 New Siphon Structures in the Welland River15 White Sucker Surgery16 Transmitter Implantation in a White Sucker17 Welland Canal and Welland River Siphons18 Welland River Sucker Tracking Antenna19 Welland River Upstream of New Siphons20 Welland River Upstream Tracking Antenna21 Welland River Upstream Tracking Antenna 222 Welland River Upstream Tracking Siphons23 Welland Siphon Fish Tracking Antenna24 DeBeers Environmental Lab25 Spawning Fish Survey Equipment26 Small Fish Caught in Minnow Trap in No Name Creek27 Fyke Net Set in Attawapiskat28 Culvert in No Name Creek29 Accessing the Study Site by Argo30 Northern Pike from the Hoopnet31 Measuring White Suckers Caught in a Hoopnet32 Collecting Field Data33 James Bay Lowlands and Muskeg34 Confluence of Attawapiskat River at No Name Creek35 Mouth of No Name Creek36 Attawapiskat Fish Spawning Survey37 Culverts and Hoopnets38 Heli Ride39 Spawning Pike Survey by Chopper40 Ponds Full of Stickleback41 Remote Fish Survey by Helicopter42 Setting Traps and Checking for Spawning Fish43 Aerial Pike Spawning Survey44 Hey .... Look at that!45 The Heli Ride Back to Camp46 Attawapiskat Flowerpot Islands47 Fun Ride Along the River48 Mine Pit49 Fish Inventory by Hoopnet50 Travelling by Amphibious Vehicle Through the Muskeg51 Juvenile Burbot (Lota lota)52 Angled Walleye in the Attawapiskat River53 Walleye 2 at a Time54 Nice Spring Time Walleye55 Small Pike from the Attawapiskat River56 Setting up an Autonomous Underwater Fish Monitoring System57 Installing BRAVO Fish Monitoring System58 Walleye Video From No Name Creek59 Attawapiskat Pike60 Spent Female Walleye Ovary61 The Victor Mine Tee-Pee62 Nice Brookie From Kirkland Lake63 Aurora Trout from Kirkland Lake64 Dangered Aurora Trout From Hill's Lake - Kirkland Lake, Ontario65 White Sucker Surgery66 Biotactic Shocker 167 Columbia River Angling68 Bunt's Sturgeon69 Columbia River at Astoria70 Sturgeon Bait71 Sturgeon Bait72 Sturgeon On73 Sturgeon In74 57 Inch White Sturgeon75 Columbia River White Sturgeon76 Nice Sturgeon77 Columbia River Sturgeon Angling78 Fabio's Sturgeon79 Fabio and the White Sturgeon80 Sturgeon on the Columbia River81 White Sturgeon in the Boat82 White Sturgeon83 Sturgeon Release84 Anchovy85 Niagara Electrofishing - Fish Processing86 Niagara Electrofishing - Large Perch87 Niagara Electrofishing - Largemouth Bass NPCA Biotactic88 Niagara Electrofishing - Falls from Upstream89 Niagara Electrofishing - Big Carp90 Niagara River Electrofishing - Shorthead Redhorse91 Silver Shiner Habitat92 Notropis photogenis93 Groundwater Seepage94 Bucket-O-Bullhead95 Dead Emerald Shiner96 Catostomid Comparison97 Island Grouper98 Mackerel99 Mullet100