A Brown Trout from the Beaver River, Ontario1 A Greater Redhorse from the Grand River, Kitchener, Ontario2 A Greater Redhorse implanted with a radio transmitter3 A Greater redhorse with surgically implanted radio transmitter4 A large Chinook Salmon, Credit River, Mississauga5 A large Snapping Turtle near the Binbrook reservior, Hamilton, Ontario6 A Shorthead Redhorse from the Thames River, London7 A Spanish Mackerel, Australia8 A sulphur spring in Buckhorn Creek near the Binbrook reservior, Hamilton, Ontario9 A telemetry station at the Springbank Dam, London, Ontario10 Grand River, Kitchener, Ontario11 Ice fishing for Yellow Perch, Belwood Lake, Ontario12 Tracking Smallmouth Bass in the Grand River13 Milk Snakes in Kitchener, Ontario14 Modifying the west denil fishway at the Mannheim Weir, Grand River, Kitchener, Ontario15 Mosessaunders Dam, St. Lawrence River16 Rainbow Trout from Beaver River, Ontario17 Smithville, Lower Colorado River, Texas18 Springbank Dam stoplog gates in 2006, London, Ontario19 Surgically implanting a radio transmitter into a Smallmouth Bass at the Springbank Dam, Thames River, London, Ontario20 Suturing a Greater Redhorse after implanting a radio transmitter21 Tracking Blue Suckers in the Colorado River, Texas22 Mapping habitat and tracking Blue Suckers in the lower Colorado River, Texas23 Tracking Blue Suckers in the Lower Colorado River, Texas24 Tracking Blue Suckers near Smithville, Lower Colorado River, Texas25 Preparing for aerial tracking above the Lower Colorado River, Texas26 Tracking fish with aerial telemetry above the Lower Colorado River, Texas27 Radio tracking in Millers Lake during the winter28 Winter time on the Grand River near Doon, Kitchener, Ontario29