The BioWest staff in Lake Mead, Nevada1 Springbank Dam, Thames River, London, Ontario2 Yellow perch from Eugenia Lake, Ontario3 A large water moccasin aka cottonmouth in the Lower Colorado River, Texas4 Tracking blue suckers over Texas5 200510051446 - Tracking blue suckers by airplane over Texas6 Red snappers, triggerfish and a ladyfish from the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Texas7 A spotted crab in Florida8 A horseshoe crab in Florida9 A safety ramp and  raft for wildlife at the Hidden Valley High Lift, Kitchener, Ontario10 Binbrook Reservoir, Ontario11 Crappie from Lake Niapenco, Binbrook Reservoir, Ontario12 A razorback sucker in Lake Mead, Nevada13 A razorback sucker with surgically implanted sonic transmitter in Lake Mead, Nevada14 Sensory cephalic pores on a razorback sucker in Lake Mead, Nevada15