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Biotactic in the News


Researchers bringing new meaning to "Fish & Chips" - Rainbow Trout telemetry study, Beaver River, Ontario - CTV News, Barrie 2017



World record Silver Shiner caught in the Grand River, Ontario - The Kitchener Record  2015



Bowmanville creek conservationists want to install camera

to count fish at ladder, Metroland Media Group's Durham Region Division, 2015



Lake Eugenia's Health, 2015



Fewer Bass at Lake Eugenia,

 Bayshore Broadcasting Corporation News Centre, 2015



Where are the fish?

Researchers investigating lake west of Collingwood,

CTV News BARRIE, 2015



Fish-eye footage from the fishway
Simcoe County, 2013



Trouble for Fish, Trouble for Dam

London Free Press, 2011



Scientists Make Exotic Fish Find in the Grand River

The Record, 2010


Gone Fishin'

What's Up: Canada's  Family Magazine, Summer 2010

Page 1 of 5 - (JPG)

Page 2 of 5 - (JPG)

Page 3 of 5 - (JPG)

Page 4 of 5 - (JPG)

Page 5 of 5 - (JPG)

Full Article - (PDF)


Passage of Fish Ongoing Snag at Springbank Dam

London Free Press, 2010


Biotactic Makes Life Better for Fish

The Record Special: Technology Spotlight, 2009

Page 24 - (PDF)


Netting on the Grand

A Year on the Grand, 2009



Fish Able to Cope with Welland River's Challenges

Welland Tribune, 2009



Wired Fish Help in Dam Effect Study

London Free Press, 2008


This 'tag' isn't a Game

The Tribune, 2003

(JPG) | (PDF)


Trout Movements Tracked

The Herbert River Express, 2002

(JPG) | (PDF)


Spawning Trout can't Escape Scientific Glare

Townsville Bulletin, 2002

(JPG) | (PDF)


Tracking Coral Trout

JCU Outlook, 2002

(JPG) | (PDF)


Biologists Track Mobile Smallmouths

North American Fisherman, 2001

(JPG) | (PDF)


Give me Sanctuary

The Kingston Whig-Standard, 2000

Page 1 of 2 - (JPG)

Page 2 of 2 - (JPG)

Full Article - (PDF)


Park Along the Grand River Rehabilitates Pond, Wetlands

The Record, 1999

(JPG) | (PDF)


High-tech, Tagged Fish and Anglers Will Help in Grand River Study

The Record, 1998

(JPG) | (PDF)

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