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Colleagues, Friends and Special Clients


Biotactic Environmental Assessments - A Division of Biotactic Inc.


Fish Appreciation and Fish Habitat Conservation for Children and Young Adults


Simbiota Environmental Consultants - Brazil


Armando, his son Henrich and friend André - Super Friendly Fishing Guides, Villa Do Porte (Santa Maria Island - Azores)

Our Sturgeon Fishing Buddy - Leaf Geraghty - Columbia River (Astoria)


Emily Damstra - Freelance Science Illustrator


Fisheries and Oceans Canada


Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority


Region of Waterloo


City of London


Bio-West Inc.


University of Waterloo


Upper Thames River Conservation Authority


National Research Council of Canada


James Cook University

American Fisheries Society


Lower Colorado River Authority

One Tree Island Research Station facilities/science.shtml#one

SUNY - Thousand Islands Biological Station


Alter Enterprise

OMNR - Owen Sound, Ontario


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