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Fisheries Offsets and Compensation

Biotactic devised and developed a Before-After-Control-Impact (BACI) study for the Bruce Power Nuclear Generating Station to offset and compensate for fisheries impacts associated with nuclear power production near Lake Huron.  We established twenty-two sites including four isolated control sites to measure the long-term effects of removing the Truax dam in Walkerton, Ontario for enhancing fish production and biomass in the Saugeen River watershed.  The BACI plan with associated equations for measuring changes in biomass and fish production was developed in 2017/2018. Baseline biomass data, prior to dam removal, were collected using electrofishing for 40+ species in 2018 and 2019.  The BACI study was also coordinated with a long-term radio-telemetry evaluation beginning in 2018. Rainbow trout passage and fixed-station underwater videography was used, as well as redd counts, in order to measure changes in fish production pre- and post-dam removal and will continue until 2026.

Bruce Power Nuclear Generating Station


Truax Dam Before and After Removal - downstream view, Saugeen River

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