Custom Equipment

Biotactic offers a variety of custom fish monitoring equipment for purchase. Please contact us directly to discuss your project needs, custom configuration options and pricing.
Underwater Fish Monitoring Systems
Our BRAVO fish monitoring systems have been meticulously designed to facilitate long-term underwater data collection in open habitats such as streams, lakes, rivers, and marine environments or closed channels such as fishways, bypass channels, aqueducts, culverts or other fish passage structures at dams and other facilities. These clever systems broadcast and collect video data that can be used to identify, measure and count fish for research, management, education and public outreach - and they can keep themselves clean automatically without any need for underwater maintenance.

Permanent Systems- BRAVO G2, G3 coming soon
We began designing and testing permanent underwater fish monitoring systems in 2005, and in 2009 we developed the first self-cleaning underwater camera systems that allow the G2 system to operate continuously without maintenance in both freshwater and marine environments. The system uses fish detection algorithms to record archival activity both day and night while streaming video and water temperature live anywhere around the world.

Mobile Systems- BRAVO M2
These solar-powered fish monitoring systems are designed for use in remote locations where internet access or power may not be available. Fish activity is detected both day and night and recorded on high capacity SD cards.
Fish Counters

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PIT Tracking Antennas
Passive Integrated Transponders (PIT), when utilized in fisheries studies, can facilitate the identification and tracking of individual fish without impeding or obstructing the normal biological behaviour of the tagged animal for it's entire life. PIT tags are a reliable, efficient and effective means for monitoring fish movements and habitat utilization over long periods of time. We can design and build PIT tracking antennas to suit specific site or structure specifications for both full-duplex and half-duplex tag types. A single antenna can be utilized to record fish passage, or several antennas can be synchronized together to record fish attraction and passage efficiency, for example, in fishways at dams. Tracking data are logged on-site and transmitted to the internet and by ftp for subsequent analysis.

All antenna systems are manufactured, tuned and tested according to site specifications and specific study details.