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Welland River Siphon (Welland Aqueduct) White Sucker and Walleye Tracking Project 2014

Biotactic and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources radio-tagged 30 adult White Suckers and 10 adult Walleye on April 10th, 2014. This project is part 3 of a long term monitoring objective in order to determine passage efficiency through two sets of siphon tubes, or subterranean aqueducts, located on the Welland River, which allow for the Welland River to flow beneath the Old and New Welland Canal.  Fish were released downstream from the siphons and will be continually tracked at various receiving stations. Previous results have shown that White Suckers have successfully passed both siphons, however, Walleye have had varying degrees on success.      




Click here for video footage of Walleye Surgery:  Walleye Radio Transmitter Implantation Video



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