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Reservoir and Wetland Research

Our work in reservoirs involves behavioural and physiological monitoring of fishes using various remote and direct techniques. We also conduct species inventories, population assessments, and measurements of general health and physical condition of reservoir organisms. We monitor and minimize (when possible) biological impacts associated with water abstraction, draw-down events, thermal pollution, agricultural pollution, industrial pollution, recreational angling, commercial angling, as well as other human activities. We also provide recommendations for minimizing harmful ecological effects associated with both natural and anthropogenic impacts. In 2005 and 2006 we developed a five year fisheries management plan for the Binbrook Reservoir in Southern Ontario (a relatively small reservoir).  From 2004 until 2011 (and beyond) we participated in a project that identified the only naturally spawning populations of endangered razorback suckers in the world.  This research was conducted in Lake Mead (Nevada/Arizona) which is the largest manmade reservoir in the United States.  In 2015 we began a 2 year telemetry project in Lake Eugenia to assess the effects of invasive species, water-level fluctuations and other environmental factors on habitat quality and recruitment of Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides).  The main objective of this study is to provide valuable baseline data, which are essential for monitoring and tracking changes in the lake. In 2016 we began working with Environment Canada on developing a drawdown protocol for a wetland that supports endangered fish - Lake Chubsucker (Erimyzon sucetta).



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