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Long-Term Pike Movement Study


Grand River Schneider's Creek Northern pike Biotactic crew with Grand River Northern pike

We have been using underwater videography to monitor northern pike migration to a discharge-dependent barrier to movement from the Grand River to Schneider's Creek since 2004.  In March 2006, we noted that up to 20 pike in spawning condition congregated downstream from the barrier on Old Mill Rd, Kitchener.  However, it was not determined if discharge from Schneider's Creek allowed access to spawning areas, or if pike were relegated to spawn in areas within the Grand River.  This study is designed to use radiotelemetry and water level data to determine the flows that permit pike to pass the barrier at Old Mill Road, and then to assess migration patterns and spawning habitat utilization in Schneider's Creek.  Transmitters for this study should be functional for several years, and will therefore allow us to track pike movement back to the Grand River, as well as summer and winter movement and habitat utilization for several years.  The overall objective of this work is to facilitate northern pike spawning in Schneider's Creek and concomitantly enhance pike populations in the Grand River between Cambridge and Kitchener.


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