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PIT Telemetry


Ultrasonic Telemetry | Radio Telemetry

Fish Telemetry Services

We have over twenty years of experience tracking movements, behaviour and physiological parameters of free-swimming wild fish. Passive Integrated Transponders (PIT), when utilized in fisheries studies, can facilitate the identification and tracking of individual fish without impeding or obstructing the normal biological behaviour of the tagged animal for it's entire life. PIT tags are a reliable, efficient and effective means for monitoring fish movements and habitat utilization over long periods of time.


Custom PIT Tracking Antennas


We can design and build PIT tracking antennas to suit specific site or structure specifications for both full-duplex and half-duplex tag types. A single antenna can be utilized to record fish passage, or several antennas can be synchronized together to record fish attraction and passage efficiency, for example, in fishways at dams.  Tracking data are logged on-site and transmitted to the internet and by ftp for subsequent analysis. 


PIT antennas like the one installed at the Mannheim weir in the Grand River, Kitchener, Ontario (shown above) can be linked with our BRAVO system to also record and broadcast video and environmental data.

The following scientific studies were conducted using 134 Khz PIT tags to collect movement information, habitat characterization or behavioural data from tagged fishes:



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