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PIT Tracking Antennas for Fish

Passive Integrated Transponder Antennas with FDX 132.4 KHz Tag Reader and Data Logger

Custom fabricated antenna systems to fit fishways, bypass channels, small streams and creeks, culverts, intakes and any other confined areas where PIT-tagged fish need to be tracked

  • Waterproof with integrated transceiver, tag reader, antenna tuner
  • Antenna dimensions range from 150mm x 150mm - 3050mm x 1220mm
  • Shapes include ring, rectangle and square configurations
  • Designed to track fish implanted with all full-duplex (FDX-A or FDX-B) tag types
  • Full internal antenna coverage
  • Multiple antennas can be synched and daisy-chained to cover wide areas
  • Shielding options available for noisy environments

  • RS232 or RS485 link (DB-9 or USB connection) to serial data recorder with time-stamp (data saved to 2 GB SD Card)
  • Windows-based datalogging software for PC



  • 12VDC linear power supply (110/220 VAC)
  • 12VDC deep-cycle marine battery/charger


All antenna systems are manufactured, tuned and tested according to site specifications and specific study details

Call for QUOTE +1 519 748 1574 or send message

Clients include: SUNY Syracuse, USFWS, WDNR, Eaglecreek RE, Wisconsin River Alliance, Mai-Vision, Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences

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