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Ontario Wetland Evaluations

Biotactic Incorporated is fully qualified to conduct wetland evaluations using the Ontario Wetland  Evaluation System (OWES) protocol. Developed by the Ministry of Natural Resources, OWES  provides a consistent method of assessing the ecological functions and socio-economic values of  wetlands. This allows the province to rank the relative value of wetlands for land use and planning  purposes. OWES training is required for anyone conducting, reviewing and approving wetland   evaluations.

Recent Projects


A Provincially Significant Wetland (PSW) that is part of the Sunfish Lake - Laurel Creek Complex

Biotactic Incorporated was retained to conduct an Environmental Impact Study (EIS) in support of the proposed development of a single family dwelling within the setback of a Provincially Significant Wetland (PSW). Background information was acquired from multiple resources, as well as field surveys, which focused on floral and faunal species. Emphasis was placed on rare species, vegetation communities and any significant natural heritage features. Specific survey methods used include Ecological Land Classification, Marsh Monitoring Protocol, Fish Habitat Assessment, and Breeding Bird Surveys. The key objective of the EIS was to demonstrate that any sensitive environmental features and the associated ecological functions will be protected and that any potential impacts associated with development will be mitigated.



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