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Fish Passage & Related Projects

Fish passage facilities otherwise known as fishways, fish ladders, fish bypass channels and fish lifts are all designed to allow fish to move upstream over barriers that would otherwise interfere with migration. We can recommend optimal designs and locations for these useful river restoration tools to suit site-specific and species-specific requirements. We can develop strategies and plans that allow passage of target species, while blocking passage of undesirable species such as sea lampreys and carp. We also monitor fish movements, activity and behaviour at migration barriers and we can help enhance fish passage at new and existing structures.


Since 1994, we have carried out several investigations of fishways, as well as behavioural and physiological assessments of dam impacts on warmwater fish. Other work includes biotelemetry, habitat surveys, habitat use relative to habitat availability, effects of fishing tournaments on fish, ecological studies related to freshwater and marine fishes and other aquatic and terrestrial species of interest to biologists, ecologists, fisheries managers, regulatory agencies and environmental groups worldwide. Click on these examples:

Selected Telemetry & Monitoring Projects

Fishway Studies

Fish Biology and Aquatic Ecology

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