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BRAVO Live Streaming Fish Monitoring

-Systems Currently Online-





Biotactic Research And Video Observatory (BRAVO) Network - VIDEO THUMBNAILS

These are only partial images - Double click (or right-click zoom) on Node video to view full screen


Quick-View Station for Underwater Video, Sensor & Telemetry Monitoring NODES



Node 1

Grand River, Ontario, Canada

Node 2

Mannheim Weir Denil Fishway, Ontario, Canada


Node 10

Thornbury Nature-Like Fishway - Beaver River, Ontario, Canada

Node 8

Tropical Marine Aquarium



Node 12

Scully Creek, Terrace, British Columbia


Node 13

Lake Eugenia, Ontario, Canada



Node 14

Menominee Dam Phase 2, Menominee River, Michigan



Node 15

Menominee Dam Phase 2b, Menominee River, Michigan

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