San Juan River - Worlds Deepest Entrenched Meander1 Utah Endangered Fish Passage2 Installation of mobile underwater fish monitoring system in April3 Canoeing in April with snow on the ground and ice on the water4 Monitoring Walleye Migration at Youngs Rapids5 Modified backpack electrofishing on the Shebeshekong River6 Youngs Bypass Channel Built for Walleye7 Post-restoration monitoring of Walleye bypass channel, Shebeshekong River8 Minor adjustments to bypass channel to allow Walleye passage9 Implanting Rainbow Trout with radio transmitters at Denny's Dam, Southampton10 Otter Creek Fixed Fish Tracking System11 Radio Tracking Trout at the Truax Dam, Saugeen River12 Setting up airplane antenna13 Truax Dam scanned for tagged fish by airplane and land14 Aerial Radiotracking Largemouth Bass in Eugenia Lake15 Beaver River Silt Plume during Rainbow Trout Aerial Scanning16 Rainbow Trout in the Thornbury Fishway17 Plane equipped for aerial surveys of radio-tagged fish18 Carrick-Brant Dam19 Crew Performing Redd Counts on Otter Creek20 Aerial view of Georgian Bay21 Tracking Trout from the air22 Aerial view of the Carrick-Brank Dam23 image01324 Bunt tracking trout25 Aerial view of Denny's Dam, Southampton26 Denny's Dam27 Maple Hill Dam and Fishway28 image01129 Spawning Rainbow Trout on Redd in Otter Creek30 Fish movement barrier on Otter Creek31 Saugeen River, Denny's Dam, Southampton32 Redd Counts in Otter Creek33 Traux Dam Aerial34 Biotactic annual canoe trip on the Grand River35 Biotactic field crew36 Pre-flight for tracking radio-tagged Rainbow Trout in the Suageen River37 Aerial Tracking Tagged Rainbow Trout in the Saugeen River38 Aerial Tracking Survey Number 439
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