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Fish Telemetry



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We began tracking fish for scientific purposes in 1994.  Since then we have developed specialized and proven techniques required for successful  long-term and short-term freshwater and marine fish telemetry experiments.  We specialize in riverine experiments at dams, weirs and fishways.  We design and conduct studies of fish habitat utilization, fish behaviour and fish movement in freshwater and marine environments, under all conceivable conditions worldwide, using ultrasonic telemetry, radio-telemetry and PIT (RFID) telemetry systems.

Telemetry Services

  • Fish Collection

  • Fish Anesthetization

  • Professional Fish Surgery and Transmitter Implantation

  • Complete Fish Telemetry Study Design, Data Analysis and Reporting

  • Freshwater Fish Telemetry

  • Marine Fish Telemetry

  • Telemetry Project Troubleshooting (for equipment supplied by Lotek, Vemco, Sonotronics, Biosonics, Sigma Eight)


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