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Aug 10 2007 - mussel moving on the river bed, sped up 4 times
Aug 22 2007 - mussel expelling something unusual
Aug 23 2007 - mussel moving under the substrate and then re-emerging across field of view
Aug 29 2007 - mussels moving rocks and gravel as a smallmouth bass watches over
Sept 07 2007a - mussel facing away from camera with lure out and bass possibly inspecting lure
Sept 07 2007b - retracting and deploying lure while facing away from camera
Sept 07 2007c - mussel deploying and retracting its lure
Sept 07 2007d - mussel deploying lure
Sept 07 2007e - two mussels displaying lures, one leaves and a bass inspects remaining mussel
Sept 07 2007f - mussel displaying and moving about with a small, smallmouth  bass in vicinity
Sept 07 2007g - two mussels displaying different lures and moving with a bass close by
Sept 07 2007h - stonecat inspecting mussel display very closely at night
Sept 8 2007 - mussel slowly emerges from substrate and displays
Sep 10 2007 - bass quickly biting at mussel display
Sept 13 2007 - mussel moving in and out of substrate
Sept 18 2007 - mussel digging itself into the substrate, sped up 5x
Sept 18 2007 - mussel digging itself into the substrate, sped up 5x
Sept 21 2007 - mussel emerging from substrate and displaying before returning to substrate
Sept 28 2007 - mussel on bottom right digging into the substrate at night, crayfish climbs over mussel
Oct 01 2007a - mussel opening and closing, uses foot to right itself (sped up 5x)
Oct 01 2007b - part 2 of mussel turning over and digging into substrate (sped up 5x) 



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