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BRAVO Node 11

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2014 | 2013 | 2012

Archived Video Files of Fish Passage from NODE 11 (automatic cleaning)

- Denny's Dam Fishway, Saugeen River, Ontario


Fish activity has been filtered by our fish detection algorithms and some videos are shown

here to highlight interesting details related to fish passage in the Denny's Dam fishway.


November 23 2012   

Fin clipping is a management tool, performed by the Ministry of Natural Resources, which allows for the identification of hatchery-reared fish. Some of the Rainbow Trout that have passed through this year have been identified as hatchery-reared fish based on these fin clips. Note the missing adipose fin on this Rainbow Trout 

November 22 2012

A large male Chinook Salmon moves through the Denny's Dam Fishway; the only one we have seen so far this November 

November 12 2012 

As the weather gets colder, Rainbow Trout and Chinook Salmon migration tends to slow down. However, during some sunny days when water temperature increases many Rainbow Trout can be seen using the fishway 

November 4 & 5 2012 

During the beginning of November not many fish were observed using the fishway due to colder temperatures and high flow. However, fishes that were observed include minnow and sucker species, indicating a shift in diversity from the normal Rainbow Trout and Chinook Salmon migration 

October 5 2012

Many Rainbow Trout and Chinook Salmon pass through the Denny's Dam Fishway  

September 28 2012

In order to accurately distinguish between Salmonidae species we altered the position of the camera back to the original position (side view) and added LED lights to help with turbidity issues. See if you can accurately identify how many fish and which species there are in this video! Note the lamprey attached to a Chinook Salmon as it swims through the fishway  

September 12 2012 

During the month of September we altered the position of the camera to monitor the fishway from the top view due to turbidity and lighting conditions. Unfortunately, this made it difficult to distinguish between Salmonidae species. See if you can tell which species of Salmonidae are in this video!  

August 23 2012

The first video of a Chinook Salmon using the Denny's Dam fishway in late August.  

April 26 2012

A Rainbow Trout swimming upstream of Denny's Dam Fishway (Note that the time stamp is incorrect)  


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