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BRAVO Node 10 Archive
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Archived Video Files of Fish Activity from NODE 10 (automatic cleaning) - Thornbury Fishway, Beaver River, Ontario

Fish activity has been filtered by our fish detection algorithms to highlight interesting details near the node.

August 25 2012

This year many more Brown Trout have been observed using the fishway when compared to last year. In this video see the many species of Salmonids that use the fishway regularly including Rainbow Trout, Chinook Salmon, and Brown Trout. Note the lamprey scars on the Chinook Salmon  

August 21 2012

The camera has been knocked out of position from the force of a Chinook Salmon. However, you can still view fish using the fishway. In this video note the lamprey attached to the side of this Chinook Salmon  

May 06 2012


Individual fish are easily distinguished from other fish based on specific markings and therefore it can be noted that many fish spend hours or even days in a fishway. Note the fungus on the tail of this Rainbow Trout that has spent hours inside the Thornbury fishway. Also note that today is one of the first days Rainbow smolts were observed using the fishway!  

April 26 2012

An otter uses the Thornbury Fishway and chases a few Rainbow Trout away  

April 11 2012

A nice Rainbow Trout swimming casually through the Thornbury Fishway  

March 29 2012

Several rainbow trout attempt to ascend the fishway with varying degrees of success  

March 26 2012

A rainbow trout with a silver lamprey attached to its side lingers inside the fishway in the afternoon  

March 22 2012

A rainbow trout makes two attempts to ascend the fishway in the morning  


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