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Biotactic Research And Videography Observatory
   BRAVO Node 11
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DEPLOYMENT LOCATION: Denny's Dam fishway (modified pool-weir-orifice type), Saugeen River, Ontario
Temperature at node (C): 4.00
 Current conditions: 
Offline until late April 2014 - until all club egg collection is complete. 

Fish Passage Data and Counts

Node 11 Fish Passage Video Archive

         CURRENT FEED AT THIS PAGE:  Camera lifted and offline until lat April 2014.  Broadband underwater video is now re-broadcast through a CDN network to support a larger viewing audience.  This is a self-cleaning daytime colour, night infrared/colour system.  The system is satellite-linked and therefore bandwidth and streaming quality is weather dependent. The live feed is compatible across a wide range of platforms (Windows and Mac/IPhone  etc - please see below).

Important notes: September 2013

Significant recent observations: Rainbow Trout, Brown trout, Chinook salmon
Radio-tagged fish near node: 

 Apple/Ipod/Iphone Compatible Feed

               Please wait while the stream connects.  The new system should run automatically on a PC and also on some Mac machines

Please contact us with inquiries related to the BRAVO network

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