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Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Studies

Examples of our environmental assessment and impact studies include long-term monitoring of migration patterns of rare and endangered fishes in relation to water diversion and hydro-electric projects in the deserts of Texas and Nevada. We have also optimized draw-down rates of reservoirs to minimize fish mortality in Ontario based on empirical and field observations. From 1996 to 1999 we investigated the effects of peaking hydroelectric operations on brown trout and brook trout in the Rocky Mountains, and the effects of hydroelectric operations on eels in the St. Lawrence River. In 2004 and 2005, we assisted the Cree Regional Authority, by reviewing and assessing a large-scale Environmental Impact Statement produced by Hydro Quebec in relation to significant river flow diversion near James Bay. 

We help other clients such as Stantec Ltd and Yellow Falls Power Ltd. determine requirements for fish passage at proposed hydroelectric generating stations and mines.  In 2006 we assisted the City of London with permitting requirements related to fish passage, and we collected baseline fish movement data that was compared with post construction fish movement at the Springbank dam.  Some environmental assessments simply involve biological studies, species inventories, mussel relocations, identification of migratory pathways, and other behavioural or physiological patterns of interest prior to, during or after major construction projects; while others are more complicated.   We specialize in the development of biological, self-sustaining solutions and strategies to reduce and minimize harmful effects of dams and other instream projects on fish and other wildlife, while recognizing specific needs and requirements of our clients.


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