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Ecological Reconstruction

From 1999 - 2001, we helped the City of Kitchener (Ontario, Canada) to transform a gravel-pit complex into a naturalized wetland, and floodplain habitat. Ponds with varying depths were designed to serve multiple ecological and recreational purposes during different times of the year. The re-created habitats function as effective spawning and nursery areas for warmwater fishes and other animals, and this has had obvious positive ecological and sociological impacts within the area.

We have proven experience recommending fish passage devices and modifications to existing fishways to help reconstruct migration corridors in large and small rivers. Some of our experience and successes have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. We can recommend site-specific solutions for bypasses to allow movement of fish over low-head barrier dams during low flow conditions, or through areas that are prone to overgrowth of vegetation, or debris blockage. We specialize in site-specific biological solutions.  Here are some examples:

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